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Permanent Representation of the Principality of Andorra to the Council of Europe

Joan Forner Rovira

In 2021 the CEB marks its 65th anniversary as a multilateral development bank with an exclusively social mandate and no fewer than 42 members. What are the advantages of the CEB membership from your country’s point of view?  

For Andorra the accession to the Bank has been very important during the pandemic crisis created by the Covid-19, after having tried on several occasions before.  

For a small country like us, it is not always easy to get financial aid or loans in the international market. Thus, the possibility to get loans from the Bank at a very low interest and at a very long tenure, which makes it easier for governments to reimburse the amount obtained, it was very appealing.  

Another example of its advantages is that local authorities in Andorra will be able to access to the Bank loans to co-finance projects that will immediately have an added value for the community.  

Could you give us some examples of the cooperation between the CEB and your country that you consider particularly significant?

Andorra has only recently joined the Bank (26/05/2020) but it had already obtained a specific loan to use for the immediate consequences of the health emergency, like basic material used in hospitals, and we are currently working on a new project.  

I want to take this opportunity to convey our deepest appreciation to the Bank for the speed and efficiency, in which the highly skilled staff helped us to prepare and process the project in record time. I completely agree with the assertion that the Bank’s professional staff is one of its strongest assets.  

Looking into the future, how can the CEB best support your country to promote social cohesion and sustainable development that leaves no one behind?

I believe the best way would be through the co-financing of projects specifically addressed to the most vulnerable groups of our societies, which have difficulties to access to certain basic needs.  

And, in my humble opinion, to invest more in education, like projects on education for democratic citizenship, for example, would be the best way to assure that our children would grow up respecting the principles and values that the Council of Europe has worked so much to spread throughout the years.  

The Bank could be a useful instrument to promote those values and principles through educational projects focussed on teaching democratic values at school. 

CEB and Andorra

  • 26 May 2020

    year of accession to the CEB

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