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Managing sustainability

Due to the CEB’s exclusive social mandate, sustainability is engrained in all the Bank’s projects and defines how our activities are managed.

“Sustainability continues to be a key part of our activity and we have been reporting about it for over a decade […]. Sustainability issues are central to the CEB Development Plan 2020-2022 and firmly embedded in our strategic planning and operations through inter alia the CEB Environmental and Social Safeguards Policy, with emphasis placed upon helping CEB members to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”  (Governor Wenzel – see more…).

Since 2009, the CEB has provided an annual account of its approach to CSR. For 2020, the Bank's overall contribution to socially and environmentally sustainable development is reflected in the 2020 Sustainability Report, which incorporates a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Content Index.

ESG Ratings

The Bank’s overall sustainability performance is periodically assessed by ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) rating agencies. The CEB is currently rated:

  • Prime’ by ISS ESG (August 2021)
  • Leader’ by MSCI ESG (April 2021)*
  • ‘Negligible ESG Risk’ by Sustainalytics (December 2020)
  • Advanced’ by Vigeo-Eiris (October 2020)

ESG_ratingManaging sustainability

At the CEB, the Unit for Corporate Social Responsibility coordinates relevant services’ work on sustainability topics and is in charge of reporting and disclosure and of responding to ESG rating agencies.

Complementary to this, numerous different teams and their experts focus on other sustainability-related topics (see more…)

Mainstreaming climate risk

At the end of 2020, an internal Working Group has been tasked with developing an action plan enabling the CEB to progressively align its activities with the Paris Agreement and to enhance the consideration of climate risks in its operations, portfolio and counterparties in line with good practices in the financial sector (e.g. MDB Paris Alignment building blocks, TCFD, EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive, ECB and NGFS recommendations). Initial outputs are foreseen for 2021 and the work will continue into 2022.

* The use by the CEB of any MSCI ESG Research LLC or its affiliates (“MSCI”) data, and the use of MSCI logos, trademarks, service marks or index names herein, do not constitute a sponsorship, endorsement, recommendation, or promotion of the CEB by MSCI. MSCI services and data are the property of MSCI or its information providers, and are provided ‘as-is’ and without warranty. MSCI names and logos are trademarks or service marks of MSCI.

CEB’s policies related to sustainability:
CEB Handbook for the Preparation and Implementation of Projects
Environmental and Social Safeguards Policy
Environmental Statement
Codes of Conduct