The social development bank in Europe


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the CEB is intertwined with a wide range of activities and practices at the Bank, ultimately aiming to contribute to socially and environmentally sustainable development in Europe.

“Strengthening employment, enhancing public infrastructure, particularly in vital sectors such as health, education and housing, and supporting climate action, remain a priority for us”  (Governor Wenzel – see more…).

Since 2009, the CEB has provided an annual account of its approach to CSR. For 2018, the Bank's overall contribution to socially and environmentally sustainable development is therefore reflected in the 2018 CSR Report, which incorporates a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index.

For a two-page summary of CSR key highlights for 2018, please see here.

ESG Ratings

The Bank’s overall sustainability performance is periodically assessed by ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) rating agencies*. The CEB is currently rated:

  • B-, ‘Prime’ by ISS-Oekom (6 November 2018)
  • ‘Outperformer’ by Sustainalytics (1 February 2019)

Logos-ESG* Full assessment reports are property of the above-mentioned ESG rating agencies and subject to their rules for disclosure.

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