The social development bank for Europe

Social projects fostering sustainability

Financing inclusive and sustainable projects

In an environment where social issues are taking centre stage on the European policy agenda and the need for financing social investment is growing, the CEB is well placed to respond to added demand and provide effective support.

The CEB’s social mandate materialises in its project work, mainly financing social infrastructure covering a large range of sectors and beneficiaries, always keeping in mind local needs and specificities.

In 2020, the CEB financed 56 new projects across 24 countries and half of the total volume of € 6 billion was earmarked for COVID-19 response measures (in € thousands):

  • Health: 2 854 600
  • Improving living conditions in urban and rural areas: 1 067 500
  • Supporting MSMEs for the creation and preservation of viable jobs: 824 400
  • Education and vocational training: 605 500
  • Protection of the environment: 410 100
  • Social housing and aid to refugees, migrants and vulnerable groups: 167 200
  • Natural or ecological disasters: 42 000
  • Other: 53 700
For an overview of total loans outstanding at the end of 2020, and project case studies (see more…)

For a broader overview on 2020 donor and grant activity and how it contributes to making CEB projects even more sustainable, see the Annual Donor Report.

Kowledge creation and sharing

Based on the CEB’s financing activity directed towards society’s most vulnerable and the in-house monitoring, technical support and evaluation that go with it, the Bank actively creates added value for the project it supports. The derived insights and knowledge are shared with other experts and practitioners in the field. The CEB thus helps to advance the discussion around sustainable solutions for vulnerable groups.

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