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Support for migrant and refugee integration in Lithuania

  • Grant number


  • Funding


  • Beneficiary country


  • Contracting party

    Jovana District Municipality (Lithuania)

  • Amount

    € 600 000

  • Sector

    Aid to refugees, migrants, displaced persons and other vulnerable groups

  • Type

    Investment grant

In addition to responding to standard migration flows, Lithuania participates in the EU's emergency relocation and resettlement schemes. The country hence undertakes to accommodate and integrate a certain number of migrants and refugees on an annual basis. The Refugee Reception Centre (RRC) located in Rukla (Jonava District Municipality) is the main institution (agency) in the country responsible for ensuring the reception of persons who have been granted asylum or stay permits and their subsequent social integration.

This investment grant supports municipal authorities in Rukla and Jonova in their integration efforts, complementary to those undertaken by the RRC. Specifically, the grant finances the rehabilitation of a multi-purpose community (cultural) centre and the provision of adequate accommodation for migrant and refugee families after their stay in the RRC.

The grant was approved in March 2017. The multi-purpose community centre was inaugurated in March 2020. The activities associated with the identification and provision of suitable accommodation to migrants and refugees are ongoing.