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Construction of a maximum security state prison

  • Grant number


  • Funding


  • Beneficiary country

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Contracting party

    IC Consulenten Ziviltechniker GesmbH (Austria)

  • Amount

    € 72 000

  • Sector

    Administrative and judicial infrastructure

  • Type

    Technical assistance

This grant financed technical assistance support to the Project Implementation Unit responsible for the construction of a maximum security state prison in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The prison will ensure modern detention facilities, primarily for defendants that are being tried and/or have been convicted by the State Criminal Court. 

The newly built prison can accommodate up to 348 adult males.  It is the first maximum-security prison in Bosnia and Herzegovina to fully comply with European Prison Rules. 

Grant activities commenced in January 2017 and finished in December 2018. 

The project has also benefited from grant support from the EU (through IPA and the WBIF), Sweden, the United States, and the CEB.