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Migrant and Refugee Fund (MRF)

The Migrant and Refugee Fund is a trust fund set up by the CEB to help its member states address the challenges linked to migrants and refugees.

MRF_Illustration 2018Accommodation and integration

The Migrant and Refugee Fund (MRF) was established in 2015 in response to the surge of arrivals in Europe at the time. It supports CEB member states in accommodating migrants and refugees who arrive on their territories. The Fund also supports CEB member states in integrating this population. All projects funded by the MRF must comply with the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Social Charter.

Strong support from the international community

Twenty-two CEB member states have contributed to the MRF. The CEB and the European Investment Bank (EIB) have also provided funding. In total, funds raised exceed € 28 million. Among CEB member states, the largest contributors are Germany, France, and Italy. 

MRF Overview as of Oct 2018

In 2019, the Bank allocated the remaining resources of the MRF, or € 1.8 million, in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Italy, North Macedonia, Portugal, and Serbia, both for emergency assistance and integration measures.

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