The social development bank in Europe

Trust funds

The Bank administers 27 trust funds, whose total balance stood at € 153 million.

Trust funds funded by CEB member states

The CEB manages several trust funds financed mainly or entirely by its member states:

Migrant and Refugee Fund

The Migrant and Refugee Fund (MRF) is a trust fund set up by the CEB to help its member states address challenges linked to migrants and refugees. The MRF primarily finances accommodation centres in member countries along the so-called Balkan route; however, funds may also be used to aid long-term integration of migrants and refugees. Total contributions to the MRF stand at € 28 million.

Italian Fund for Innovative Projects

The Italian Fund for Innovative Projects (IFIP) was set up by Italy in 2017. The IFIP helps the Bank develop innovative social projects. It finances technical assistance for projects located in countries of the Western Balkan region which are eligible to Official Development Assistance (ODA), as well as Georgia and the Republic of Moldova. The IFIP is endowed with € 1 million.

Slovak Inclusive Growth Account

The Slovak Inclusive Growth Account (SIGA) was set up on the initiative of the Slovak authorities in 2016. The SIGA supports the CEB's goal of inclusive growth and environmental sustainability. It finances technical assistance for projects located in CEB target countries, particularly ODA eligible countries. The SIGA is endowed with € 4 million.

Spanish Social Cohesion Account

The Spanish Social Cohesion Account (SCA) was set up in 2009 by Spain. It finances technical assistance for CEB projects located in the Bank's target countries. In 2017, Spain replenished the SCA with € 2 million, bringing its total endowment to € 4 million.

Social Dividend Account

The Social Dividend Account is funded mainly with earmarks from the Bank’s annual results decided by member states. It is used to support high social impact projects, located mainly in the Bank's target countries. This support can take the form of technical assistance, loan guarantees, interest-rate subsidies and investment grants. The resources of the fund amount to € 139 million.

Trust funds funded by the European Union

The Bank also administers several trust funds funded mainly or entirely by the European Union:

Regional Housing Programme

The Regional Housing Programme is an initiative benefiting vulnerable refugees and internally displaced persons in the former Yugoslavia (RHP). Donors have contributed € 291 million to the Programme. The European Union (EU) is the largest donor, with € 236 million.

Turkey Refugee Account

In 2017, the European Union contributed € 50 million to finance the construction of a state hospital in Turkey. The hospital will be located in the town of Kilis, which is located near the Syrian border. It will increase the healthcare capacity of the city, whose population has doubled due to the influx of Syrian refugees.

EU financial instruments and programmes

The CEB also manages several trust funds funded by EU financial instruments or programmes such as the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF), the European Local Energy Assistance facility (CEB-ELENA) and the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P).

Data at end-2019