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  • CEB_Info_2_2021_Cover_EN.jpg

    INFO 02/2021

    14 Apr 2021  Living conditions

  • Investing in inclusive resilient sustainable social infrastructure in Europe

    Technical brief - Investing in inclusive resilient sustainable social infrastructure in Europe

    10 Nov 2020  Living conditions

    This technical brief illustrates the CEB’s experience in investing in high-impact social infrastructure that can simultaneously contribute to social inclusion and integration, economic development and environmental sustainability, including climate action.

  • CEB_Info_1-2_2020_Cover_English.jpg

    INFO 01/02 2020

    01 Apr 2020  Living conditions, Environment, Social housing

    Urban resilience

  • inclusive cities

    Investing for inclusive cities

    16 Dec 2019  Living conditions, Social housing, Education, Health, Refugees and migrants

    CEB's unique mandate – promoting social cohesion in Europe – makes it a natural partner for regions and cities planning for a more sustainable future

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    Info 03/2019

    11 Oct 2019  Living conditions, Education

    Solving big challenges in small places

  • Info_2_2019_cover

    Info 02/2019

    27 Jun 2019  Portugal Living conditions, Refugees and migrants

    Growing strong: the CEB’s partnership with Portugal

  • Info_1_2019_cov

    Info 01/2019

    15 Apr 2019  Living conditions, Education

    Aligning what we do to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

  • Cover Energy poverty

    Energy Poverty in Europe: How Energy Efficiency and Renewables Can Help

    27 Mar 2019  Social housing, Living conditions, Environment

    This study shows that energy efficiency improvements and related regulatory policies contribute to decreases in household energy consumption and energy poverty rates.

  • info_04_2018_en_cover

    Info 04/2018

    21 Jan 2019  Living conditions

    Social investment for a prosperous and resilient Europe

  • Technical Brief Promoting Inclusive growth

    Technical Brief - Promoting Inclusive growth in Cities - September 2018

    03 Oct 2018  Living conditions

    This technical brief contributes to the discussion among practitioners on how European cities can grow more inclusively.

  • info_01_2018_en_cover.jpg

    Info 01/2018

    09 Apr 2018  Living conditions

    Supporting inclusive and sustainable cities

  • Investing in public infrastructure in Europe

    Investing in Public Infrastructure in Europe

    20 Mar 2017  Living conditions, Social housing, Education

  • CoverCEB_Info_3_2016.jpg

    CEB Info 03/2016

    13 Oct 2016  Living conditions

    Investing in regional development

  • CEB Info 03/2015

    CEB Info 03/2015

    02 Oct 2015  Social housing, Living conditions

    Housing and social inclusion