Rehabilitation of public schools in Tbilisi, including energy efficiency measures

  • Grant number


  • Funding


  • Beneficiary country


  • Contracting party

    Ministry of Finance (Georgia)

  • Amount

    € 200 000

  • Sector

    Protection of the environment

  • Type

    Technical assistance

This project provides for the comprehensive rehabilitation of about 25 schools in Tbilisi. Works will include structural repairs, any necessary seismic retrofitting of structural elements, and, under a separate investment grant, energy efficiency measures. Some 15 000 school children will benefit from modern and safer learning environments. The energy efficiency investments will lead to a 40% reduction in current energy consumption. 

This technical assistance grant complements the energy efficiency investments and covers training, awareness raising and knowledge transfer on energy efficiency matters, to be provided to the Project Implementing Entity and to the Ministry of Education and Science as well as to school caretakers, teachers, directors of schools, and school children. 

CEB to finance energy efficiency measures for Tbilisi schools

Press release 18 October 2016