Beneficiary stories

Improving lives

The positive impact that donors have by supporting CEB operations is best illustrated by testimonies from final beneficiaries.

Helping Ukrainian refugees: Alexander’s story

Alexander had to flee Mykolaiv when the war broke out in Ukraine. He found refuge and adequate medical care in Bulgaria, thanks to efforts of IOM Bulgaria and a grant from the Migrant and Refugee Fund of the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB).

New dental and oral health centre in Kilis
A new public hospital is currently being constructed in Kilis, Türkiye, to improve healthcare for Syrian refugees and their host community. The hospital includes a dental and oral health centre, equipped with the latest technologies and staffed by some 50 dentists and surgeons. The centre became operational in May 2022.

Supporting inclusive education in Serbia
Thanks to financing from the CEB, more students in Serbia can now find accommodation in dormitories and avoid travelling from remote and rural areas to continue their education. The project benefited from technical assistance financed by Spain through its CEB-administered Spanish Social Cohesion Account.

Renovation of schools in Tbilisi, Georgia
In 2015, the Georgian authorities approached the CEB seeking assistance to renovate public schools in the capital Tbilisi. The CEB approved a €14 million loan and secured donor funding to help the Georgian authorities prepare and implement the project according to best practices. This technical assistance was financed by Spain and the Slovak Republic through their respective CEB-managed trust funds: the Spanish Social Cohesion Account (SCA), and the Slovak Inclusive Growth Account (SIGA).