Deliver aid to displaced persons from Ukraine

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has caused wide-scale infrastructure damage and population displacement. As an immediate response, the CEB allocated €10 million for assistance to refugees from Ukraine. These funds serve to provide transport, shelter, medical care, counselling to the refugees from Ukraine.

Migrant and Refugee Fund (MRF)

The grants are being channelled through the Migrant and Refugee Fund, a trust fund established by the CEB in 2015 in response to a surge in arrivals of migrants and refugees.

The MRF has received €39 million in contributions from 22 CEB member states, as well as the CEB and the European Investment Bank. Since 2015, the CEB has approved €35 million in grants from the MRF in favour of projects benefitting migrants and refugees.

Ukraine Solidarity Fund (USF)

As a second step, the Bank established in 2022 a dedicated trust fund, the Ukraine Solidarity Fund, to provide assistance to displaced persons from Ukraine and support the reconstruction of the country. Ireland, which championed the creation of this trust fund, endowed it with €1 million in seed financing.