Help communities affected by the Türkiye earthquakes

On 6 February 2023, two major earthquakes struck Türkiye, causing widespread damage, tens of thousands of fatalities and a large-scale population displacement.

Disaster Prevention and Recovery Fund (DPRF)

As part of its response to the earthquakes, the CEB established a new trust fund: the Disaster Prevention and Recovery Fund (DPRF). In the short term, the Bank will use the Fund to help authorities of Türkiye address the social impact of the earthquakes. In the longer run, the Fund will serve to assist other CEB member states in preparing for or responding to natural and environmental disasters.

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The Fund can be used to provide humanitarian assistance, as well as support reconstruction efforts and disaster prevention activities. The member states of the CEB allocated €3 million to the Fund as seed financing from another trust fund of the Bank, the Social Dividend Account.

Data at April 2023.

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