Improve healthcare for refugees in Türkiye

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Türkiye hosts the world’s largest number of refugees, including 3.4 million Syrians. The CEB is overseeing the implementation of two projects designed to improve healthcare for refugees and their host communities.

In December 2022, a 400-bed public hospital was inaugurated in Kilis, a province located along the Türkiye-Syria border which has seen its population substantially increase due to an influx of Syrian refugees. 

The Bank supervised the construction and equipping of the hospital, worth €50 million. The hospital withstood the February 2023 earthquakes and remains fully operational.

The CEB also oversees the creation of a network of medical centres throughout Türkiye. This project, worth €90 million, is named “Strengthening Healthcare Infrastructure for All” (SHIFA) as the network will serve both refugees and their host communities. The scope of the project is being revised to prioritize investments in the area that was affected by the February 2023 earthquakes. 

EU Facility for Refugees in Türkiye (FRiT)

Both projects have been financed by the EU through the Facility for Refugees in Türkiye (FRiT), a coordination mechanism established in 2015 by the EU and Türkiye to address the needs of refugees and their host communities.  

Data at end-April 2023.

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