Replacing homes destroyed by an earthquake in Serbia

Decent housing at last

In October 2021, 106 families living in Kraljevo, Serbia, whose homes had been severely damaged by an earthquake in 2010, moved into new flats. They are the first beneficiaries of a post-earthquake reconstruction project that will eventually provide new homes to a total of 360 families. Thanks to the project, the families will finally enjoy decent housing.

The project is supported by a €8.0 million loan from the CEB and €1.3 million in technical assistance grants from the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF), as well as Spain through its Spanish Social Cohesion Account, and the Slovak Republic through its Slovak Inclusive Growth Account.

Slovak Inclusive Growth Account (SIGA)

The Slovak Inclusive Growth Account (SIGA) has been established by the Slovak authorities to support CEB’s actions in favour of inclusive growth and environmental sustainability. Slovak authorities have financed €2.5 million in grants from the SIGA, to which they have contributed €4 million.

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