Creating jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The first science and technology park in the country

Youth unemployment and brain drain are a major challenge for Bosnia and Herzegovina. To create jobs and foster cooperation between the scientific community and the private sector, the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina are setting up the first science and technology park of the country. The park will be located in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second-largest city.


To ensure that the project is prepared in line with international standards, Bosnian authorities have been receiving technical assistance from UNDP since 2022. This support, worth €550 000, is financed by the Social Dividend Account and the Italian Fund for Innovative Projects. 

Italian Fund for Innovative Projects (IFIP)

The Italian Fund for Innovative Projects (IFIP) has been set up by Italy to help the Bank develop innovative social projects. It finances technical assistance for projects located in countries of the Western Balkan region which are eligible to Official Development Assistance (ODA), as well as Georgia and the Republic of Moldova. Italian authorities have approved €0.9 million in grants from the IFIP, which is endowed with €1 million.

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