Improving the integration of Roma

Housing and Empowerment of Roma project (HERO)

Roma are disproportionally affected by unemployment, poverty, inadequate housing, and poor health standards. The Housing and Empowerment of Roma (HERO) is a pilot project started in 2021 which aims to improve access of vulnerable Roma families to housing and employment. 

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Managed by the CEB, HERO will combine capacity building activities, such as support to access the labour market, with a mechanism to mitigate the financial risks of financial intermediaries when granting housing micro-loans. About 240 families living in Bulgaria, Romania and the Slovak Republic are expected to benefit from the project. 

The project is funded by a €2.8 million contribution financed by the European Parliament and overseen by the European Commission, and a €200 000 contribution from Spain through the Spanish Social Cohesion Account, a CEB-managed trust fund.

Spanish Social Cohesion Account (SCA)

Set up by Spain, the Spanish Social Cohesion Account (SCA) finances technical assistance for highly social CEB projects. Spain has approved €2.6 million in grants from the SCA, which it has endowed with €4 million.

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