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All CEB loans are granted in accordance with the Bank’s mandate. They have to meet specific technical and social criteria, and be in strict conformity with the Bank’s environmental, procurement and compliance guidelines and policies.

The sectoral lines of action underpin the CEB’s three-year development plan, which forms the Bank’s medium term strategy. The four lines of action set out in the Development Plan for the period 2014-2016 (namely: Strengthening social integration; Managing the environment; Supporting public infrastructure with a social; vocation; Supporting micro-, small and medium sized enterprises) were revised in three (namely: Sustainable and inclusive growth; Integration of refugees, displaced persons and migrants; Climate action: developing mitigation and adaptation measures) as part of the Development Plan 2017-2019, corresponding to the new strategic priorities established by the CEB to better support the social policies of its member countries.

Latest projects approved:

DateBorrowerLine of actionAmountSummary
15/06/2018Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infra-estructuras do Alqueva S.A (Portugal)Climate action: developing adaptation and mitigation measures€ 45 000 000Investments within the Alqueva Multi-Purpose Project (EFMA) which foresees the installation of floating solar plants to power water pumping stations in the South East of Portugal, with the aim of reducing energy costs and the environmental footprint of EDIA’s irrigation systems. Final beneficiaries will be farmers using the Borrower’s energy and cost saving irrigation systems and, more in general, the Portuguese population who will benefit from a cleaner environment as a result of the reduction in carbon emissions.
15/06/2018Instituição Financeira de Desenvolvimento S.A (Portugal)Sustainable and inclusive growth
Climate action: developing adaptation and mitigation measures
€ 100 000 000Investments in innovation and technology as well as in renewable and efficient energy to enhance the sustainability, energy efficiency, growth and creation and preservation of viable jobs in MSMEs. Final beneficiaries will be the employees of eligible MSMEs as well as job seekers throughout the country who will benefit from the creation and maintenance of short-term as well as permanent jobs.
16/11/2017Republic of Portugal (Portugal)Sustainable and inclusive growth
Climate action: developing adaptation and mitigation measures
€ 80 000 000Co-financing of 30 out of the 53 sub-projects encompassed in the National Irrigation Plan for Portugal aiming at supporting the development of sustainable agriculture and fighting desertification through the rehabilitation and extension of irrigation systems.
17/03/2016Government (Portugal)Strengthening social integration
Managing the environment
€ 80 000 000Financial Instrument for Urban Rehabilitation and Renewal (FIURR) 2020 set up under the Partnership Agreement EU-Portugal aiming at the revitalisation and upgrading of historic centres, waterfront areas and abandoned industrial sites in official Urban Rehabilitation Areas of Portuguese urban localities.
19/09/2014Instituto da Habitação e da Reabilitação Urbana (IHRU) (Portugal)Strengthening social integration€ 15 000 000Co-financing of urban rehabilitation throughout Portugal, mainly comprising buildings older than 30 years, with a view to reviving central town areas. The Programme is in line with the government’s policy of Rehabilitation of Urban Areas.
10/06/2010Novo Bank S.A. (Portugal)Strengthening social integration
Managing the environment
€ 100 000 000Municipal Investments and Protection of the Environment.