The social development bank in Europe

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All CEB loans are granted in accordance with the Bank’s mandate. They have to meet specific technical and social criteria, and be in strict conformity with the Bank’s environmental, procurement and compliance guidelines and policies.

The sectoral lines of action underpin the CEB’s three-year development plan, which forms the Bank’s medium term strategy. The current Development Plan 2020-2022 organises these lines into Inclusive growth: working to guarantee access to economic opportunities to ensure a prosperous future for all; Support for vulnerable groups: helping to integrate the most vulnerable citizens to nurture a more diverse society and Environmental sustainability: supporting a liveable society that promotes environmental sustainability, mitigates and adapts to climate change , corresponding to the new strategic priorities established by the CEB to better support the social policies of its member countries.

Latest projects approved:

DateBorrowerLine of actionAmountSummary
17/11/2011Comunidad Autónoma de Murcia (Spain)Managing the environment€ 50 000 000Reconstruction and rehabilitation of public infrastructure, dwellings and monuments affected by the earthquake of May 2011 in Lorca (Murcia), Spain.
17/11/2011Hungary (Hungary)Managing the environment€ 150 000 000Reconstruction and prevention works following floods in 2010 and decontamination and mitigation works following the 2010 red sludge spill in Ajka.
17/11/2011VUB Banka (Slovak Republic)Managing the environment€ 50 000 000Partial financing of individual investments undertaken by SMEs and Housing associations in two of CEB's sectors of action: Job Creation and Protection of the Environment.
16/09/2011Government (Croatia)Managing the environment€ 75 000 000Support to the implementation of priority investments in updating and development of water and wastewater infrastructure in localities where the existing facilities are still inadequate or insufficiently developed. The project is expected to result in improved infrastructure, increased service coverage and enhanced ecological quality of surface and groundwater resources. The project aims to reduce risks to public health, as well as to improve the quality of life and economic opportunities for the beneficiary populations.
16/09/2011Bank Ochrony Srodowiska SA (Poland)Strengthening social integration
Managing the environment
Supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
€ 75 000 000Partial financing of eligible public infrastructure investments undertaken by local governments and other public-sector entities in order to create better conditions for sustained economic development and better living conditions for targeted populations.
10/06/2011City of Łódź (Poland)Strengthening social integration
Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation
Managing the environment
€ 50 000 000Partial financing of individual investment projects undertaken by the city itself and / or entities owned or controlled by it for the revitalization of the city centre ; refurbishment of municipal public administration facilities,rehabilitation of historic and cultural heritage in the city centre.
10/06/2011Komercni Banka A.S. (KB) (Czech Republic)Strengthening social integration
Managing the environment
€ 100 000 000Reconstruction of public infrastructure in the Czech Republic.
13/05/2011Comunidad Autónoma de Castilla y León (Spain)Managing the environment€ 100 000 000Within the framework of Fire Prevention Plan and Regional Strategy of Sustainable Development Castilla León 2009-2014, the part-financed investments aim at protecting natural wooded areas from the threat of fire and at preserving the region's biodiversity and improving its adaptability to climate change.