The social development bank in Europe

All CEB loans are granted in accordance with the Bank’s mandate. They have to meet specific technical and social criteria, and be in strict conformity with the Bank’s environmental, procurement and compliance guidelines and policies.

The sectoral lines of action underpin the CEB’s three-year development plan, which forms the Bank’s medium term strategy. The current Development Plan 2020-2022 organises these lines into Inclusive growth: working to guarantee access to economic opportunities to ensure a prosperous future for all; Support for vulnerable groups: helping to integrate the most vulnerable citizens to nurture a more diverse society and Environmental sustainability: supporting a liveable society that promotes environmental sustainability, mitigates and adapts to climate change , corresponding to the new strategic priorities established by the CEB to better support the social policies of its member countries.

Latest projects approved:

DateBorrowerLine of actionAmountSummary
20/03/2014Slovak Republic (Slovak Republic)Strengthening social integration
Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation
€ 150 000 000Co-financing of projects implemented by line Ministries of Slovak Republic.
24/01/2014Government (North Macedonia)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation€ 97 000 000Contributing to implementation of the country's healthcare reform by providing improved conditions for the provision of tertiary health care services. Specifically, the project encompasses the construction and modernisation of the Clinical Centre "Mother Teresa" and the Regional Clinical Hospital in Shtip.
24/01/2014Société Générale (France)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation€ 39 800 000Opening of two new penitentiary centers in Valencia and Riom, which will firstly help to reduce the overcrowding of prisons and the number of prisoners per cell by increasing the number of cells.
14/06/2013Goverment (Republic of Moldova)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation€ 39 000 000Part-financing of investments for the construction of a new Chisinau penitentiary to enhance the physical conditions of detention and strengthen the capacity of the Department for Penitentiary Institutions for designing, building and managing modern penitentiary infrastructure.
14/06/2013Government (Montenegro)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation€ 10 000 000Construction and rehabilitation of pre-school units in order to improve the provision of accessible, comprehensive and inclusive pre-school education; some 8 000 children will benefit directly from the new and modernised education establishments.
14/06/2013Caixa Bank (ex La Caixa) (Spain)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation€ 8 000 000Facilitate access of Roma youth to jobs through the provision of vocational training, counselling and related services.
17/05/2013City of Helsinki (Finland)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation€ 110 000 000Renovation, rehabilitation or extension of existing day care centres, primary and secondary school establishments as well as construction of new education-related buildings in order to improve studying conditions for around 20% of Helsinki’s pupils and students.
17/05/2013Crédit Coopératif (France)Strengthening social integration
Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation
€ 150 000 000Support and assistance of solidarity and social economy in France.
21/03/2013CYCLHAD (France)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation€ 50 000 000Part-financing of Hadron Therapy Centre for Research and Cancer Treatment, an investment and development programme within the ARCHADE centre in Caen as part of the French Hadron national plan designed to support the application of new cancer treatments.
21/03/2013Government (Ireland)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation€ 41 000 000Support for the construction of Cork Prison and Oberstown National Children Detention Facility to improve the Irish Justice sector’s public infrastructure by replacing unsuitable facilities and inappropriate practices and improving living/detention conditions for detainees and working conditions for staff.
25/01/2013Société Générale (France)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation€ 107 899 996Part-financing of investments tailored to the specific needs of a public-private partnership project for the construction/rehabilitation of 8 colleges in the French Department of Seine Saint Denis characterised by numerous sensitive urban zones (“ZUS”).
15/11/2012Institut Jules Bordet (Belgium)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation€ 110 000 000Part-financing the relocation of the Institut Jules Bordet alongside Erasmus Hospital on the campus of the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Anderlecht, Brussels and the creation of a new, merged centre of excellence in the field of oncology with improved effectiveness of the medical facilities as well as working conditions of the medical staff.
15/11/2012CSOB Leasing, AS (Slovak Republic)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation
Strengthening social integration
Supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
€ 75 000 000Multi-sector programme
15/03/2012Banque Populaire Caisse d'Épargne S.A. (BPCE) (France)Managing the environment
Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation
€ 150 000 000Rehabilitation, extension and upgrade to current standards of French community services for reliant/dependent persons directly benefitting some 15,000 persons placed in Residential Care Homes for Reliant Persons (EHPAD) and in residential care services such as medico-social foster homes for people with disabilities (children and adults) and specialised residential and day care units. Renovation and modernisation of current infrastructure of EPHADs with a view to improving energy efficiency.
15/03/2012Government (Serbia)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation€ 17 000 000Construction and equipment of the new high security prison facility in Kragujevac for 400 detainees. Apart from the improvement of facilities, the project will help develop better living conditions for the inmates and working conditions of the prison staff while lessening the burden on existing infrastructure.
27/01/2012Government (Serbia)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation€ 18 000 000Partial financing of the construction and equipment of the new Pancevo prison facility for 500 inmates as part of a programme aimed at alleviating prison overcrowding and adjusting the inmates’ living, safety and hygiene conditions to the European Prison Rules (EPR).
27/01/2012Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (Spain)Strengthening social integration
Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation
Managing the environment
€ 140 000 000Partial financing of eligible public infrastructure investments undertaken by municipalities and other public entities as well as co-financing of urban revitalization projects carried out within the framework of the JESSICA initiative.
17/11/2011Privredna Banka Zagreb (PBZ) (Croatia)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation
Supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
€ 30 000 000Amelioration of living conditions in urban and rural areas through financing of eligible local authorities' investments. Creation and preservation of employment in the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector.
17/11/2011Republic of Croatia (Croatia)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation€ 50 000 000Construction of a new penitentiary/prison complex near Sibenik, on the Dalmatian coast, that has a capacity for 1 270 detainees, in response to the endemic problem of prison overcrowding.
16/09/2011Government (Bosnia and Herzegovina)Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation€ 9 200 000Development of family medicine, involving primarily, in value terms, the reconstruction and construction of primary care centres (so-called "ambulantas"), as well as strengthening of related capacities, such as management, to ensure sustainability.