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The Office of the Chief Compliance Officer (OCCO) is committed to achieving the highest standards of integrity and transparency in the conduct of all the CEB’s activities.

OCCO’s responsibility is to identify, assess, advise, monitor and report the risk of regulatory sanctions, financial loss or reputational damage that the CEB may suffer from not being in compliance with laws, regulations, codes of conduct and international standards of good practice. OCCO proactively works at two levels to ensure compliance of people and projects funded by the Bank.

In 2014, the Administrative Council adopted OCCO’s new policy on non-compliant/ uncooperative jurisdictions, which is at the forefront of international financial institutions’ policies in the field of anti-money laundering, counter terrorist financing and harmful tax practices.

OCCO plays an important internal advisory role, providing advice and assistance to the CEB’s top management and divisions; it continuously evaluates compliance risks for projects and transactions and safeguards the Bank’s reputation. 

Within OCCO, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for defining, planning and implementing independent business and operations survey programs and tools to ensure that effective IT systems security controls are activated and executed. The CISO periodically updates the Bank’s IT systems security policies and guidelines.