The social development bank for Europe

Public information policy

10 July 2020

The CEB discloses information on its website and social media.

The CEB Public Information Policy is based upon three guiding principles: transparency accountability and trust. The goal is to facilitate the widest possible access to information about the Bank, in conditions that are appropriate to the specific nature of the institution.

The Bank ensures that the guiding principles defined herein are appropriately implemented and, in particular, that the content of its website is in conformity with the provisions featured in the Annex “Publication of Information”.

The Policy provides for the adaptation of international good practices to the CEB: as a multilateral organisation eligible for Official Development Assistance (ODA), the Bank also reports annually on its financing flows to ODA-eligible CEB member countries according to OECD standards and data format. This information is publicly available on the OECD website (International Development Statistics (IDS) online databases).


Public information policy of the CEB