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  • Cover_Constructing_Education

    Constructing Education: An Opportunity Not to Be Missed

    05 Mar 2021

    An innovative framework to guide investments in education infrastructure so that they can better promote student learning outcomes.

  • Centerfold_Constructing

    Constructing Education: a framework for multi-stakeholder collaboration

    05 Mar 2021  Education


  • EPS Holistic evaluation housing 2021

    Holistic evaluation of housing projects and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Some lessons from the field

    26 Feb 2021  Social housing

    Comprehensive, holistic evaluation of housing projects that goes beyond the physical intervention.

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    INFO 01/2021

    19 Jan 2021

  • Cover School Design and Learning Environments in the City of Malmo Sweden

    School Design and Learning Environments in the City of Malmö, Sweden

    04 Dec 2020  Sweden Education

    Main findings and recommendations resulting from a review of education infrastructure investments in the city of Malmö, Sweden, carried out by the CEB’s Technical Assessment & Monitoring Directorate.

  • Investing in inclusive resilient sustainable social infrastructure in Europe

    Technical brief - Investing in inclusive resilient sustainable social infrastructure in Europe

    10 Nov 2020  Living conditions

    This technical brief illustrates the CEB’s experience in investing in high-impact social infrastructure that can simultaneously contribute to social inclusion and integration, economic development and environmental sustainability, including climate action.

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    Promoting socially inclusive Europe

    09 Nov 2020

    CEB invests in people, planet and prosperity

  • CEB_Info_4_2020_Cover_English.jpg

    INFO 04/2020

    28 Oct 2020  Social housing

  • Cover_booklet_CEB_2020.png

    About the CEB

    26 Jun 2020

  • CEB_Info_3_2020_Cover_English.jpg

    INFO 03/2020

    17 Jun 2020  Health, MSMEs

    Addressing the crisis: the CEB’s response to COVID-19

  • Technical_Brief_PPP_Seine_Saint_Denis_EN

    Technical brief - Public Private Partnerships for Schools: Experience from Seine-Saint-Denis, France

    18 May 2020  France Education

    This technical brief describes the Seine-Saint-Denis Department’s experience while designing, negotiating and implementing public and private partnerships (PPPs) contracts, for the benefit of other public or private organisations that might be considering a PPP for the purpose of building and running education infrastructure in Europe.

  • 2019_Report_of_the_Governor_cover

    Activity Report 2019

    06 Apr 2020

  • 2019_Report_CEB_and_Donors_cover

    Report on CEB and Donors 2019

    06 Apr 2020

  • 2019_Financial_Report_cover

    Financial Report 2019

    06 Apr 2020

  • 2019_CSR_Report_cover

    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019

    06 Apr 2020

  • Index_GRI_cover

    GRI Index for 2019

    06 Apr 2020

  • CEB_Info_1-2_2020_Cover_English.jpg

    INFO 01/02 2020

    01 Apr 2020  Living conditions, Environment, Social housing

    Urban resilience

  • Technical Brief How credit constraints impact the economic performance of MSMEs and why regional institutions matter

    Technical brief - Credit constraints, regional institutions and the economic performance of MSMEs

    28 Jan 2020  MSMEs

    An empirical analysis of the relationship between credit constraints, institutional quality and firm-level economic performance in different European regions.

  • DP_2020_2022_Cover

    Development Plan 2020-2022

    17 Jan 2020

  • strategy-cover.png

    CEB Strategy 2020-2022 at a glance

    17 Jan 2020