• 2023_CEB_Interim_Financial_Report cover

    Interim financial report 2023

    23 Oct 2023 

    Condensed Interim Financial Statements as at 30 June 2023

  • Managing Disaster Risks to Leave No One Behind - cover

    Managing Disaster Risks to Leave No One Behind

    13 Oct 2023  Natural or ecological disasters

    How investing in disaster risk reduction and enhancing socioeconomic resilience can greatly reduce the negative impact of disasters on people and our planet.

  • Thematic_Review_Superblock_cover.png

    Resilience in Action: Barcelona’s Superblock Programme

    21 Sep 2023  Spain Urban, rural and regional development

    Showcasing how Barcelona’s Superblock programme is transforming city neighbourhoods by reimagining urban streets and mobility patterns, while reclaiming public space for people and ensuring that it is inclusive and economically vibrant.

  • CEB_general_brochure_cover_09_23.png

    About the CEB

    12 Sep 2023 

  • Cover CEB_Risk_Management_Disclosure_Report_2022

    CEB Risk Management Disclosure Report 2022

    17 Jul 2023 

    Solid risk measures are key for the CEB’s financial strength and its social mission. This second CEB Risk Management Disclosure Report brings you up to date with the Bank’s approach to managing risk and assessing its capital adequacy.

  • CEB_Cover_Integrity_Compliance_Report_2022.jpg

    Integrity and Compliance Report 2022

    11 Jul 2023 

    Integrity is essential for the CEB’s operations and its ability to help its member states strengthen social cohesion, particularly in today’s difficult times. Download this report, which is the annual report of the Office of the Chief Compliance Officer (OCCO), and learn about the Bank’s actions on data protection, governance, due diligence, cyber safety and more.

  • CEB_ TCFD_2022_Cover.png

    Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Report 2022

    29 Jun 2023  Protection of the environment

    CEB’s first report presenting the Bank’s activities and objectives supporting a just and socially inclusive climate transition among its member states, in accordance with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

  • 2022_CEB_Donors_Report.jpg

    Report on CEB and Donors 2022

    15 May 2023 

    In 2022 donors continued to play a key role in the Council of Europe Development Bank’s operations, enabling the CEB to fulfil its social mission by doing more for those that are most vulnerable.

  • Cover Sustainability Report 2022

    Sustainability Report 2022

    05 May 2023 

  • 2022_CEB_GRI_Report

    GRI Report for 2022

    14 Apr 2023 

  • CEB Finance Report cover EN-HR.jpg

    Financial Report 2022

    04 Apr 2023 

  • CEB Gov Report cover EN-HR.png

    Report of the Governor 2022

    04 Apr 2023 

  • Cover_general_brochure_thumbnail

    About the CEB

    31 Jan 2023 

  • Strategic_Framework.png

    Strategic Framework 2023-2027

    25 Jan 2023 

  • Integration_of_Refugees_Fleeing_the_Invasion_of_Ukraine

    Refugees fleeing the invasion of Ukraine: How host country integration policies support refugees

    09 Dec 2022  Refugees and migrants

    This paper aims to offer policymakers, practitioners and the general public a brief literature review of recent developments in highlighting the challenges and opportunities of supporting and integrating refugees.

  • CEB_Risk_Management_Disclosure_Report_2021_cover

    CEB Risk Management Disclosure Report 2021

    23 Nov 2022 

  • Half year Report 2021

    Interim report 2022

    17 Oct 2022 

    Condensed Interim Financial Statements as at 30 June 2022

  • Technical_Brief_From_Community_Vulnerability_to_Resilience

    Technical brief - From Community Vulnerability to Resilience

    13 Sep 2022  Urban, rural and regional development, Protection of the environment

    Fostering dialogue among city practitioners in European countries on ways to strengthen resilience and address vulnerability in city neighbourhoods and their communities.

  • CEB Integrity report 2021 cover

    Integrity and Compliance Report 2021

    18 Jul 2022 

    2021 Annual Report of the Office of the Chief Compliance Officer (OCCO)

  • 2021 Financial Report cover

    Financial Report 2021

    11 Apr 2022