1st European Multilateral Development Banks Compliance Forum

3 July 2009

PARIS - The Chief Compliance Officers of the main Multilateral Development Banks based in Europe (EIB, EBRD, EIF, NIB, CEB) met on 2nd and 3rd July in Paris at the premises of the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) in order to coordinate their efforts and to establish an enhanced cooperation in the field of fighting against corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing and financial crimes.

This meeting placed under the patronage of the Governor of the CEB, Mr. Raphaël Alomar and organised by the CEB Chief Compliance Officer also benefited from the participation of representatives from Olaf, OECD, Moneyval, Tracfin and the Sanctions Board of the World Bank. It is the first formal forum of this kind among Chief Compliance Officers of European based MDBs.

Vice-Governor Ruiz-Ligero and the CEB Chief Compliance Officer said: "MDBs, especially those based in Europe, are nowadays asked even more to deploy additional efforts in the fight against corruption and financial crimes, in line with G20 recommendations. The strengthening of cooperation among European MDBs is henceforth an essential component of their joint efforts in order to better and effectively pursue this objective".