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CEB support for FLW action in favour of large low-income families in Wallonia

16 December 2009

PARIS - The Fonds du Logement des familles nombreuses de Wallonie (FLW) represented by Mr Tesain, Mr Minet, Mr Sciarra and the CEB, represented by Mr. Tarafás, Vice-Governor, signed a first loan contract for an amount of 50 million euros.

The CEB funds will enable the FLW to grant some 1 100 social mortgage loans to low-income families as well as 0% interest-rate loans granted within the framework of its “green loan” programme intended to cover energy-saving works. 

To date, the CEB is the only international financial institution to lend its support to the FLW in order to help vulnerable populations and combat child poverty. 

The FLW is a private-law corporation to which the Walloon Region assigns a vital role in the field of housing and the social integration of large, low-income, poor or insecure families, entrusting it with public-interest missions.

Since the country joined the CEB in 1956, 10 projects have been approved in Belgium for an accumulated amount of 420 million euros.

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