Donation operation to Georgia

19 September 2008

PARIS - The Administrative Council of the CEB approves a donation operation in favour of Georgia for an amount of 1 million euros.

The Council of Europe Development Bank has followed with concern the events that occurred in Georgia* during the month of August 2008 and on 13 August immediately communicated to the Authorities its willingness to provide assistance to the affected people.

On account of its mandate and original vocation, the CEB is very particularly concerned by this crisis that has created a significant number of refugees and displaced persons on the territory of one of its Member States.

Within this context, on 21 August the CEB’s management proposed the approval by the Administrative Council, in an exceptional and urgent capacity, of a donation budget totalling one million euros for the United Nations agencies, namely the UNHCR, UNICEF and/or the UNDP.

This budget was validated by the Administrative Council at its meeting on 19 September 2008. This will allow the donations to be made as swiftly as possible for use in operations identified on Georgian territory, in close collaboration with the aforementioned agencies. 

Furthermore, following this humanitarian aid, the CEB naturally remains available should the Georgian Authorities need financing for any emergency aid or reconstruction operations that come within the framework of its mandate.

* Member State of the CEB since 10 January 2007