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Project approvals

13 June 2009

VILNIUS - Meetings of the Executive Committee and Administrative Council on 12 June 2009: 483.8 million euros worth of projects approved.

Project amounting to 100 million euros with the City of Helsinki for financing the construction of 1 000 new rental dwellings and the renovation of 2 400 rental social housing units. The Project will focus on disadvantaged population in need of adequate housing, thereby reducing social disparities and contributing to reinforcing social cohesion in Finland.

Project amounting to 100 million euros with Crédit Coopératif for financing projects of social investments throughout the French territory. The CEB loan will help the Crédit Coopératif to support the evolution of the long-term financing needs in several priority fields for strengthening social cohesion in France.

Project amounting to 28.5 million euros with KfW for financing projects related to the tripartite Municipal Window of the Infrastructure Project Facility with the European Commission and KfW in the framework of Instrument for Pre-Accession for improving water systems in municipalities of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Project amounting to 130 million euros with the Government for partially financing the Lithuanian State Investment Program 2009-2011. The main objective of the project is to provide Lithuania with financial resources to partially finance the renovation and construction of public buildings throughout the country. 

Project amounting to 50 million euros with Caixa Geral Depósitos for financing projects to improve the coverage of the national social facilities network in order to increase long term continuous health care infrastructure under the PARES programme: instrument to protect the most vulnerable (children and the elderly) living in low income households.

Project amounting to 50 million euros with GICAMAN for financing a social housing program carried out throughout the Autonomous Community of “Castilla La Mancha”. This project will provide financial resources to partially finance mortgages for the purchase of primary residences in this area. It also foresees the possibility of transforming existing unfinished constructions into social housing.

"the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"
Project amounting to 25.35 million euros with the Government for financing the construction of 37 buildings in 19 towns in the country. This project will benefit 1,708 families, approximately 6 000 persons on low-incomes, such as residents of areas affected by natural disasters, Roma, people with disabilities, etc. 

Since the beginning of 2009, the Council of Europe Development Bank has approved 21 projects, for a total amount of 1 671 million euros.