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Project approvals

10 June 2011

TIRANA - 509 million euros worth of projects approved by the Administrative Council, with 63% in favour of the target group countries.

A project worth 190 million euros with the Walloon Housing Association to finance works involving safety, fit-out and improved energy efficiency in social housing for disadvantaged populations in Wallonia.

Czech Republic
A project worth 100 million euros with Komercni Banka in favour of small and medium-sized municipalities for the financing of their urban infrastructure. The CEB loan will also finance the reconstruction of infrastructure damaged by floods, as well as sub-projects involving the treatment of waste and the implementation of energy saving measures.

A project worth 60 million euros with the Government for the construction of the Laituri penitentiary complex, with a capacity of 2 000 inmates. The project will provide for improvements in detention conditions and the implementation of European prison standards. 

A project worth 100 million zlotys, representing 25 million euros, with the City of Katowice for renovation of the city centre through the revitalisation of disadvantaged areas, as well as modernisation of the road network and public infrastructure.

A project worth 200 million zlotys, representing 50 million euros, with the City of Lodz, the third largest city in the country, to transform the city centre by renovating public spaces and converting old buildings into modern cultural or administrative centres.

A project worth 70 million euros with the Government, aimed at developing scientific and educational infrastructure in Serbia. The project provides for the creation of centres of excellence in priority fields of research, the creation of a science and technology park, and the construction of apartments intended for young Serbian researchers.

A project worth 10 million euros with Intesa Leasing d.o.o Beograd, to finance SMEs through a system of leasing in order to help them enhance their competitiveness and stimulate employment in Serbia. 

"the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"
A project worth 4 million euros with ProCredit Bank Skopje to help SMEs gain access to medium and long term loans to finance their productive investments, thereby contributing to enhancing their competitiveness and creating new jobs.