Project approvals

13 May 2011

PARIS - 300 million euros worth of projects approved by the Administrative Council, with 66% in favour of the target group countries.

A project worth 200 million zlotys, representing 50 million euros, with the Region of Łódzkie for the renovation of the regional road network. The aim is to open up the most disadvantaged rural areas and thus stimulate the socio-economic development of the region.

A project worth 20 million euros with Banca Intesa ad Beograd, aimed at financing Serbian small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to help them to enhance their competitiveness and stimulate employment.

A project worth 100 million euros with the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León, aimed at modernising water supply facilities throughout the region and also at financing projects for the prevention of forest fires, which, with the help of silvicultural treatment, will have a positive impact on biodiversity in the face of climate change.

"the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"
A project worth 30 million euros with the Government involving the modernisation of primary and secondary schools, as well as providing for wide diffusion of physical education in primary schools all over the country.

A project worth 100 million euros with Türkiye Halk Bankasi A.Ş (Halkbank) in favour of SMEs and, in particular, small businesses located outside large urban areas, Halkbank being able to reach all SMEs, including those situated in the country’s most remote provinces, thanks to its national network of branch offices.