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Project approvals

11 May 2012

PARIS - 3 projects approved by the Administrative Council for an amount of 155 million euros.

A project worth 105 million euros with the Société Wallonne du Crédit Social (SWCS), which comes within the framework of the “Habitat pour tous” (Housing for all) Plan. Thanks to CEB funds, SWCS will grant 1 300 mortgage loans enabling low-income households access to home ownership as well as 850 eco-loans for insulation works aimed at reducing the energy consumption of families in a precarious situation.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
A project for an amount of 20 million euros with Raiffeisen Leasing d.o.o. to finance productive investments for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). In granting this loan, to be redistributed to the final beneficiaries in the form of leasing, the CEB will be providing direct support to the SME sector, which plays a key role in terms of jobs and economic development, at a time when the country is still facing very high levels of unemployment.

Slovak Republic
A project worth 30 million euros with Slovenska Sporitelna a.s., aimed at financing the renovation of some 200 panel buildings, built between 1955 and 1989. The CEB loan will thus make it possible to reduce energy consumption by 30% and improve the living standards of the occupants of these often dilapidated buildings, while at the same time increasing the capacity to maintain and develop the existing housing stock in accordance with the country’s Housing Policy by 2015.