Project approvals

17 May 2013

PARIS - At its 282nd session held today in Paris, the Administrative Council of the CEB approved four new loan applications for a total amount of 461.5 million euros.

The projects all have a common goal: improving the lives of European citizens, especially the most vulnerable. The projects will provide low-income families with access to decent housing; ensure the necessary conditions for children to succeed at school; support the solidarity economy, as well as major public health initiatives; and promote Roma integration.

The four loans approved are as follows:

Belgium - 200 million euros to Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Sociaal Wonen NV to fund mortgage loans for first-time buyers with low incomes, enabling them to purchase new or renovated homes with high energy efficiency ratings.

Finland - 110 million euros to the city of Helsinki. This loan aims to fund the construction and renovation of school buildings, in order to provide an adequate learning environment for the city’s growing number of pupils.

France - 150 million euros to Crédit Coopératif to provide financial support for organisations and services of general interest (OSIG), and allow them to contribute to the modernisation of French hospital facilities and to the national “autism plan”, among other purposes.

Hungary - A bridging loan of 1.5 million euros to the ROMA Education Fund to ensure continuity with the subsidies provided by EU structural funds in order to improve access to education and the job market for Roma people.