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Project approvals

18 November 2011

PARIS - 343.4 million euros worth of projects approved by the Administrative Council, with 85% in favour of the target group countries.

- A project worth 50 million euros with the Government for the construction of a new penitentiary/prison complex near Sibenik, on the Dalmatian coast, that has a capacity for 1 270 detainees, in response to the endemic problem of prison overcrowding.
- A project worth 30 million euros with Privredna Banka Zagreb in favour of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and municipalities in Croatia. With the CEB funds, PBZ will be proposing long-term loan to enable SMEs to finance their productive investments and municipalities to invest in local public infrastructure and social services.

A project worth 150 million euros with the Government to help the victims of the floods that hit the country in 2010 and the victims of the ecological disaster caused by the collapse of a residue reservoir in the aluminium factory in Ajka, in the west of the country. The CEB funds will be targeted to financing reconstruction of the public infrastructure and housing affected by the disaster as well as to financing the work of decontaminating the soil polluted by the toxic mud. 

A project worth 13.4 million euros with the Government to finance the renovation of housing for the least privileged. There currently remain almost 290 unfinished housing blocks in Moldova, whereas the country is experiencing a severe shortage of housing. The CEB funds will finance part of the programme for the completion of 15 housing blocks, representing 700 new dwellings with a capacity for 2 500 persons. 

Slovak Republic
A project worth 50 million euros with Vseobecna Uverova Banka to finance investment programmes for SMEs, which represent 97% of the all Slovak businesses and employ 70% of the working population. The CEB funds will also contribute to financing programmes for the renovation of housing blocks with very poor levels of energy efficiency, the objective being to reduce their energy consumption by 30%.

A project worth 50 million euros with the Comunidad Autónoma de Murcia aimed at the reconstruction of public infrastructure and housing affected by the earthquake that destroyed part of the town of Lorca in May 2011. The CEB funds will provide for the reconstruction of basic public infrastructure and the renovation of almost 25 000 dwellings.