Project approvals

16 November 2012

PARIS - 5 projects approved by the Administrative Council for an amount of 397 million euros, almost half of which is earmarked for the target group countries.

A loan worth 110 million euros to the Institut Jules Bordet, one of Europe’s first ever cancer centres, to partially finance the institute’s move to and installation on the campus of the Faculty of Medicine of the Université Libre in Anderlecht, Brussels. The aim of the project is to group together in this one location all the healthcare and research activities, to increase healthcare capacity and thus provide patients with the best quality treatment possible.

A loan worth 15 million US dollars to JSC ProCredit Bank, the country’s third bank by the size of its assets and the only bank specialised in SME financing. Allocated to some 90 sub-projects, the loan will provide financing for productive investments in small and medium-sized enterprises, which represent one of the primary sources of employment in the country. 

Slovak Republic
A loan worth 75 million euros to ČSOB Leasing, a leasing company well established in the financing of Slovak SMEs, municipal enterprises and healthcare providers. The “CEB leasing facility” set up by ČSOB Leasing will extend the range of products targeted to financing SMEs, public transport companies and healthcare providers throughout the country. 

A loan worth 100 million euros to CaixaBank and more particularly to its social foundation, the Caixa Obra Social, to finance programmes in favour of education, integration in the labour market, and access to healthcare for the most vulnerable persons. These include mostly unskilled young people, the elderly or handicapped and ethnic minorities, who are being hard hit by the crisis gripping the country.

A loan worth 100 million euros to Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası A.Ş. (TSKB) which, as Turkey’s industrial development bank,plays a key role in promoting growth among Turkish SMEs by facilitating their access to medium- and long-term financings. The loan will be entirely allocated to eligible productive investments in SMEs, via Turkish leasing companies carefully selected by TSKB.