Projects approvals

20 May 2010

PARIS - Meeting of the Administrative Council on 20 May 2010: 801 million euros worth of projects approved.

A project worth 130 million euros with Sewerage Board of Limassol-Amathus to finance the development of sewerage infrastructure and water management in the Greater Limassol area: extension of the sewerage network to the north and west of the city, construction of a second wastewater treatment plant and extension of the drainage facilities in order to better prevent potential flooding. 75 000 persons will benefit from these installations.

A project worth 100 million euros with Finnvera Plc to finance its loan programme in favour of Finnish micro, small and medium sized enterprises ; around a thousand SMEs will beneficiate from this programme, in particular those located in disadvantaged regions of Finland. 

A project worth 150 million euros with Crédit Agricole S.A. aimed at covering the needs of French territorial authorities to finance the construction and renovation of social public infrastructure such as retirement homes and schools, or to finance investments linked to management of the environment. 

A project worth 100 million euros with Crédit Coopératif aimed at providing long-term financing for public-interest bodies and services that play a vital role in strengthening social cohesion in France. The CEB funds will be used to modernise the hospital network within the framework of the 2012 Hospital Plan, Mental Health Plan and the Solidarity Plan for Old Age, whose objective is cater for an additional 5 000 patients per year between now and 2012. 

A project worth 25 million euros with the Government to finance access to housing for low-income Montenegrin households, excluded from the real estate market because of a shortage of affordable housing. The CEB funds will provide access to home-ownership to almost a thousand households, whilst enabling the completion of apartment blocks whose construction had come to a halt.

"the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"
A project worth 46 million euros with the Government to part-finance the construction of penitentiary facilities in Idrizovo, prisons in Skopje and Kumanovo and a juvenile prison in Tetovo, facilities located in the north of the country. The project, aimed at improving detention conditions, will also provide for the creation of new jobs. 

A project worth 250 million euros with the Government concerning seismic risk mitigation and emergency preparedness in the Istanbul region, within the framework of the ISMEP plan launched in 2005.

This plan should allow the metropolis of Istanbul (15 million inhabitants) to face an earthquake that could reach a magnitude of 7.5 on the Richter scale, a powerful earthquake expected to occur between now and 2030 according to a recent study. In practical terms, the CEB funds will contribute to financing institutional and technical capacity building aimed at better managing emergency action and at imposing better respect for anti-seismic building codes. In particular, they will serve to finance the reconstruction of 90 public schools and 2 student campuses.