RHP Framework Agreement signed between Montenegro and the CEB

4 November 2013

RHP Montenegro SignaturePARIS - Montenegro’s Finance Minister, Mr Radoje Zugic, and the Governor of the CEB, Mr Rolf Wenzel, today signed the Framework Agreement for the Montenegrin Country Housing Project under the Regional Housing Programme (RHP). The Framework Agreement enters into force immediately upon signature.

This Agreement defines the legal and operational framework under which the Montenegrin Country Housing Project will be implemented. Its entry into force means that Montenegro may now receive RHP Fund resources for already approved projects: in 2013, the RHP Assembly of Donors approved three projects in favour of Montenegro, with a total grant amount of approximately € 10 million.

With implementing structures already operational, Montenegro will now launch the implementation of these projects, which include the provision of housing for three very vulnerable groups of population: internally displaced persons in the municipality of Nikšić, Roma currently residing in the camp Konik I, and elderly and disabled persons in Pljevlja.

Rolf Wenzel, Governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB), said: “I would like to thank the Montenegrin authorities for their continuous commitment to solving the housing needs of displaced and internally displaced persons. I would also like to commend our colleagues in Montenegro for their strong dedication and the resources made available to address the issues of particularly vulnerable population groups such as Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities. CEB remains strongly committed to accompany Montenegro throughout the implementation of its Country Housing Project, in line with the institution’s original mandate: to provide help to refugees, displaced persons or migrants.”

The Regional Housing Programme (RHP) is backed by the European Commission, the United States of America, the UNHCR, the OSCE as well as the CEB which manages the RHP Fund and the Housing Programme itself. The RHP aims at offering housing solutions to about 27 000 households or 74 000 refugees and displaced persons that are considered as most vulnerable, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia (the Partner Countries). The total investment cost of the Programme, over an estimated five-year period, should amount to € 584 million.

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