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SLOVENIA: The CEB initiates partnership with SID Banka

25 May 2011

SLOVENIA The CEB initiates partnership with SID BankaLJUBLJANA - Slovenska izvozna in razvojna banka, d.d. (SID Banka), represented by Mr. Sibil Svilan, President of the Board and CEO, and the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB), represented by Mr. Raphaël Alomar, Governor, have signed a loan agreement worth 40 million euros, in the presence of the Minister of Finance of Slovenia.

The CEB will provide SID Banka with financial support in the form of loans to Slovenian municipalities and companies throughout the country, for investments aimed at the improvement of living conditions in urban and rural areas and protection of the environment. 

The CEB resources will be allocated to social infrastructure and productive investment projects comprising, among other things, basic utilities, educational and health facilities, the reduction and treatment of solid and liquid waste, energy efficiency and the production of renewable energy on a non-industrial scale.

As a public financial institution under full Slovenian ownership, SID Banka provides economic and structural support, mainly by way of financial services, in segments where the country’s market economy has left social and other gaps.