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CEB provides long-term financing to Hungary to expand sports facilities for schoolchildren

Hungary sports facilitiesRecognizing the importance of regular physical activity for the health and development of children, in 2012 Hungary introduced mandatory daily physical education for primary and secondary school pupils. 

The National Core Curriculum regulates the content of physical education classes, focusing on health objectives and on cognitive contents enabling emotional and social development. In connection with this reform, a yearly measurement of the physical condition of the students was introduced.

Providing Hungary access to long-term financing at favourable terms for a national programme that cannot benefit from the EU funds, the  €49.1 million loan from the CEB to Hungary will part finance on-going investments throughout country to expand and improve the education sector infrastructure, including building new gyms for schools and swimming pools for education purposes.

Concerning the sports facility component, it is estimated that about 25 gyms and 24 pools will be constructed. At each chosen location, two swimming pools will be built: a 10x6x0.8 meters one for beginners and a 25x15x1.9 meters one for more proficient swimmers.

The swimming pools will be convertible into open-air facilities during the summer, benefitting local communities. Water sports are very popular in Hungary. At the current Olympic Games in Rio Hungary has already won several gold medals in swimming.