Greece: Rehabilitating the historic neighbourhoods of Kastoria

The lakeside mountain city of Kastoria is one of the most distinguished in Southeast Europe. It has an unequalled number of medieval churches dating from the 9th-15th centuries, while its 18th-19th century mansions, founded on wealth from the fur trade, are among the finest in the wider region.

Kastoria 11th century churchToday, the two neighbourhoods of Dolcho and Apozari constitute the surviving historic centre, which contains 370 listed buildings (351 in private hands and 19 in public hands). 

These historic neighbourhoods were listed among “The 7 Most Endangered” heritage sites in Europe in 2014. “The 7 Most Endangered” programme was launched in January 2013 by Europa Nostra with the European Investment Bank Institute as its founding partner and the CEB as an associated partner. 

It identifies endangered monuments and sites in Europe and mobilises public and private partners to find a viable future for such sites.  

Within the framework of this cooperation, a feasibility study on the rehabilitation of the historic neighbourhoods of Dolcho and Apozari in Kastoria is being carried out by an international expert, funded by the CEB through a grant from the Spanish Social Cohesion Account.