Tampere - a city with a vision

Funding from the CEB is supporting the city of Tampere in Finland to achieve its vision 2030 of being ’the best for you’.

TampereWith a population of 240,000 people, Tampere is the third largest city in Finland after Helsinki and Espoo. It’s also growing fast: some 3,000 people move to the city each year, and since 2016 the population has grown by 12,000. 

The city’s infrastructure has had to adapt quickly to accommodate this growth, and the CEB has been working with the City of Tampere since 2016 to help it to do so. In that year the Bank approved a €60 million loan to fund public infrastructure and social integration projects; a second €60 million loan was approved in January 2019. Now, the third consecutive loan of €60 million was approved in March 2021. 

An ambition to be the best

The objective of this public sector financing facility (PFF) is to part-finance municipal infrastructure investments to support Tampere’s 2030 strategy – the Best for You. The strategy aims to make Tampere a pleasant, lively and carbon neutral city and a pioneer in smart, sustainable transport and urban development. It divides into four strategic areas:

  • collaborative and humane
  • leadership in education and know-how
  • creative and innovative
  • urban and sustainably growing.

The strategy’s key focus is to reduce social inequality through the provision of high-quality education and recreational opportunities, work, income and housing, and the integration of migrants. City authorities are also working with stakeholders, businesses and residents to make Tampere carbon neutral by 2030. As a city of sustainable growth, it will value nature, conserve natural resources and reduce GHG emissions.

A positive social impact

Tampere municipal infrastructureThe CEB has been working with Finnish municipalities since more than a decade – an experience that has shown them to be valuable partners in reaching investment sectors of social importance. Tampere is no exception. A CEB technical mission in 2019 concluded that the CEB loans had contributed to the City of Tampere’s objectives by providing part of the necessary financial resources at attractive financial conditions. Visits to CEB-funded projects also highlighted the loans’ positive impact.

A project that showcases this impact is the Tesoma school and daycare centre, which has undergone major renovations and extension works and is now the most modern school in Tampere. With its flexible, varied learning spaces designed to meet different educational objectives and learning styles, it’s an excellent example of Finland’s world-class vision for education. A multipurpose hall acts as a dining hall, performance area and gathering space for the school community.

Looking ahead

The City of Tampere approved its budget 2021 end-2020. This highlighted the impact of COVID-19 on the city and its economic activity. The city authorities are now boosting and focusing investments on sustainable post-COVID-19 recovery . CEB additional financing will support investments of social importance  in Tampere.The focus is on improving services for residents, such as the kindergarten and school service network, and urban infrastructure.

Diana Bertjē, the CEB’s Country Manager for Finland says, “It was a great opportunity to establish cooperation with Tampere back in 2016, which lasts and proves to be fruitful. With a cumulative loan amount of EUR 180 million municipal infrastructure is being improved and adapted in Tampere.

I believe every city resident feels the difference when schools, day care, sports facilities, cultural premises or so are modernised and adapted to the needs. ‘The best for you’ is at the core of CEB-supported investments.”

With CEB financing, the City of Tampere is making its investment programme, and its vision for the future, a reality.

Key figures

  • 3


  • €180 million

    total CEB investment

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