Investments in the development of Albanian Alps and coastal areas (community works 4)

  • Grant number


  • Funding


  • Beneficiary country


  • Contracting party

    Ministry of Finance (Albania)

  • Amount

    € 1 000 000

  • Sector

    Improving living conditions in urban and rural areas

  • Type

    Technical assistance

  • Status


This grant finances capacity building, technical assistance, and operating costs associated with an urban and rural modernisation programme in the Albanian Alps and south coast areas. The programme concerns small scale investment projects in local roads, water supplies and sewage as well as other public infrastructure such as sidewalks, lighting, and green areas. 

The programme is implemented by the Albanian Development Fund. In addition to the grant funding from the CEB’s Social Dividend Account, it has benefited from support from the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF). 

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