Housing for low-income persons

In this evaluation cycle, six evaluations (one of which covered two CEB loans) in five countries were carried out by the Office of Evaluation.

Social_housing.jpgDespite the fact that all the projects/programmes evaluated were classified under the generic label of “housing for low income persons”, there were significant differences among them in terms of specific objectives and management arrangements. 

During the period under review (2001 to 2012), the CEB approved a total of € 4 523 million in loans for social housing operations, of which € 1 037 million (23%) to target group countries. The evaluation sample covered 16% of the Bank’s overall portfolio and was highly focused on target group countries: the evaluated programmes represented an aggregate CEB loan volume of € 721 million, of which € 411 million (57%) to target group countries.

The Evaluation Synthesis for this evaluation cycle is near completion and will be finalised in 2015. The report draws on evidence gathered in the above six evaluations and on a review of the CEB’s investment portfolio in this sector of historic importance for the Bank. It also takes stock of the relevant literature and diverse policies on social housing in CEB member states. The objective is to identify corporate and strategic issues with a view to improving the performance and impact of future operations. The final report will also provide an opportunity for a forward-looking reflection on the CEB’s positioning in the social housing sector.