Building resilient infrastructure and networks for irrigation in Crete

  • Approval date

    16 March 2023

  • Borrower


  • Country


  • Loan size

    € 80 000 000

  • Line of action

    Promoting Inclusive and Resilient Living Environments

  • Status

    In progress

The Project loan aims at supporting rural development and water management in the Amari valley and the Messara plain in Crete, thereby contributing to fighting ageing and depopulation trends in disadvantaged rural areas of the island. In particular, the CEB loan will partially finance investments related to (i) the construction of a reservoir and water embankment dam on the Platy river, and the related construction of irrigation networks (ii) the construction of a pipeline to convey water to the agricultural plain of Messara. In addition, flood control associated with the new dam should reduce the risk of flooding in the settlements located downstream of the Platy river and in its estuary.

Final beneficiaries: around 26 000 people employed in family-run farms and job seekers.

Environmental aspects

The CEB classified the project as category “A” since it required an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) according to applicable national law.