COVID-19 Emergency Response

  • Approval date

    12 May 2020

  • Borrower


  • Country


  • Loan size

    € 35 000 000

  • Line of action

    Inclusive growth

  • Status

    In progress

To support the Kosovar authorities to respond to emergency needs following the COVID-19 outbreak.

This €35 million Public sector Financing Facility will part-finance expenses related to the purchase of medical diagnostic and treatment equipment, as well as the strengthening of the healthcare system. The CEB loan would also partially cover the expenditures related to the provision of incentives to healthcare and pharmacy workers. Final beneficiaries will be the population of Kosovo, in particular persons infected by COVID-19, as well as medical staff exposed to the virus. The present PFF will target, among others, the elderly, persons with chronic conditions and healthcare providers. The Borrower is requesting an interest-rate subsidy grant of €1 million from CEB’s Social Dividend Account.

Kosovo: CEB approves €35 million to support emergency health care

Press release 12 May 2020