Expansion of Berlin Social and Affordable Housing

  • Approval date

    9 June 2023

  • Borrower

    HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH

  • Country


  • Loan size

    € 100 000 000

  • Line of action

    Promoting Inclusive and Resilient Living Environments

  • Status

    In progress

This Public Sector Financing Facility (PFF) aims at expanding the provision of modern social and affordable housing in Berlin, with a focus on the economically more vulnerable eastern districts of the city. This will especially benefit vulnerable parts of the population, including more than 100,000 displaced persons from Ukraine now living in Berlin. The project enhances social impact for end-beneficiaries through targeted design and careful allocation of residential units, through capped and affordable rents and through advisory support to vulnerable tenants. The project is also an investment in socially-cohesive neighbourhoods through mixed-use buildings for a diverse set of tenants. Additional positive impact at the social/climate nexus is generated by very high energy efficiency standards of new buildings and by rooftop renewable energy sources which reduce costs for beneficiaries as well as emissions.

Final beneficiaries: social and affordable housing beneficiaries including vulnerable population groups such as low-income households, single parents with children, homeless people, refugees and persons with disabilities.