Lazio Regional Investments

  • Approval date

    24 January 2020

  • Borrower

    Regione Lazio

  • Country


  • Loan size

    € 100 000 000

  • Line of action

    Inclusive growth

  • Status

    In progress

Partial financing of the upgrade and modernisation of hospitals and other regional administrative buildings related to health and social care, works linked to the reinforcement of territorial areas and investments in public transport.

Final beneficiaries will be the inhabitants of the region of Lazio, in particular vulnerable people prone to diseases and in need of medical care, who will benefit from the improvement in regional health and social care. Investments in mobility and protection of the environment will also benefit tourists visiting the region and especially the regional and national capital, Rome.

Environmental and social aspects

The CEB classified the project as category “B” since it required an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) according to applicable national law.