Modernisation of Public Transport in Kaunas (second largest urban area in Lithuania)

  • Approval date

    3 July 2020

  • Borrower

    Kaunas Bus Company (Kauno Autobusai)

  • Country


  • Loan size

    € 21 500 000

  • Line of action

    Inclusive growth
    Environmental sustainability

  • Status

    In progress

This €21.5 million Public sector Financing Facility will part-finance eligible investments to improve the quality and environmental sustainability of public transport by co-financing the modernisation of the city’s bus fleet.

Final beneficiaries will be the daily users of the public transport system of Kaunas (approximately 80 million users per year), who will benefit from improvements in quality, efficiency and security. Moreover, the foreseen investments aim to improve the use and access to the public transport system for the most vulnerable, including the elderly, persons with disabilities, children, students and households in difficulty.

CEB approves €121.5 million to Lithuania for investments in emergency healthcare, education for all, and sustainable mobility

Press release 6 July 2020