Partial financing of municipal infrastructure investments throughout Iceland

  • Approval date

    16 June 2017

  • Borrower

    Municipality Credit Iceland

  • Country


  • Loan size

    € 10 000 000

  • Line of action

    Sustainable and inclusive growth
    Managing the environment

  • Status

    In progress

Construction, rehabilitation and modernisation of public facilities such as electricity and gas supplies, basic educational facilities, etc. The loan will also part-finance subprojects in the sector of the protection of the environment.

Financing sub-projects such as:
  • Reduction and treatment of solid and liquid waste
  • Protection against noise, reduction of air pollution
  • Production of renewable energy with installations of a non-industrial nature
  • Implementation of energy saving measures and improvements of energy efficiency
  • Reclamation and adequate recovery of post-industrial and post-military areas
  • Decontamination of soils and aquifers
  • Restoration of environmental functionnality of hydro-technical premises and stemming of water runoff
  • Increasing water retention, flood control safety and strengthening of sea banks
  • Protection and development of biodiversity - Provision of cleaner transport means and networks, etc.

Rehabilitation and modernisation of utilities such as:

  • Water mains, electricity and gas supplies, sewers, treatment of solid and liquid waste as well as the development of industrial estates
  • Road networks infrastructures
  • Administrative infrastructure
  • Basic educational nurseries, kindergartens and schools
  • Community centres, nurseries, medical factilities, retirement and nursing home for the elderly, national recognised social and health sectors, socio-cultural and/or sports centres, theatre, libraries, historic and cultural sites, local transportaton and irrigation network in rural areas.

CEB loan to support environmental protection and improve living conditions in Iceland

Press release 19 June 2017