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Plava Voda Regional Water Supply

  • Approval date

    17 June 2016

  • Borrower


  • Country

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Loan size

    € 11 000 000

  • Line of action

    Strengthening social integration

  • Status

    In progress

Using water from the Plava Voda spring (in Travnik Municipality) to supply water to other municipalities in two different regions, by creating a Regional Water Supply System, increasing efficiency and reducing long-term costs. Part-financing of the construction of a regional water supply system, Plava Voda, to ensure long-term quality water supply for five municipalities in two different cantons.

Environmental Aspects

The CEB classified the project as category “A” since it required an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) according to applicable national law.

CEB finances regional water supply project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Press release - 20 June 2016