The social development bank in Europe

Strengthening social integration and health sector support in the Slovak Republic

  • Approval date

    12 June 2015

  • Borrower

    CSOB Leasing SK

  • Country

    Slovak Republic

  • Loan size

    € 100 000 000

  • Line of action

    Supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
    Strengthening social integration
    Supporting public infrastructure with a social vocation

  • Status

    In progress

Investments in 1) fixed assets and productive equipment by MSMEs (70%), 2) the modernisation of public transportation vehicles and equipment by public private or mixed entities (20%), and 3) medical equipment by health care public, private or mixed entities (10%).

- Creation and preservation of viable jobs in the Slovak Republic by partial financing of fixed productive assets in SMEs.
- Partial financing of investments for the revitalisation and modernisation of both urban and rural public infrastructure.
- Partial financing of investments in support of the health sector by facilitating access to leased assets for healthcare services.