The social development bank for Europe

Working at the CEB

1. Our mission: working to make Europe better for all its people

Our social mandate in Europe is unique. Our work is aimed at fostering inclusive and sustainable growth and contribute to improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable populations in Europe. 

In delivering on our mission, you will be involved in advising and financing a wide variety of projects, including social, emergency response or climate action projects amongst others.

In working across all these economic areas and across Europe, you will be guided by our set of values.

2. Our Values: supporting our vision, shaping our culture and reflecting our sense of priorities

  • Each of us is a spokesperson for the CEB and we all contribute to its success

  • We share knowledge and best practices
  • We respect others and know how to move forward with them towards common goals

  • We are open-minded, open to change and proactive in putting forward proposals

  • We say what we do and we do what we say
  • We ensure equal opportunities for all without any discrimination

  • We place emphasis on knowing ‘how to do’ and ‘how to be’and improve our competencies accordingly

3. Our Ethics: ensuring transparency, integrity and compliance

Our role has a high public profile and we need the Bank to be seen to be adhering to best practice and uphold high ethical standards. We are committed to ensuring transparency, integrity and compliance with best practices both in our financing activities, and in our internal workings.

You will be able to see more information in our Staff Code of Conduct and Compliance Policy section here.

4. Our core competencies: delivering our work efficiently by organising our teams, workflow and behaviours 


Our approach to all our work finds its foundations in our core competencies. These have been tried and tested and have proved to be our strengths.

These competencies must be complemented with our Effective Behaviours. These are the behaviours the CEB values most as they drive our performance. They describe how we should do our jobs and provide a common internal language, most useful during our individual or team performance and development conversations. Our Effective Behaviours bring consistency across the Bank and help us to work together better.

5. Our Job Families: organised around the efficient delivery of our mission 

The CEB supports mobility within the organisation. Mobility is seen as an important factor for advancement and Staff members are encouraged to seek work experiences that broaden their area of expertise.

View more on our job families.